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Improving energy efficiency using the City of Edmonton’s new incentive program

Posted by Vital Group of Companies on Jun 15, 2020 4:14:59 PM
  • The City of Edmonton’s energy efficiency incentive program is now live
  • Commercial, residential, light industrial, and special purpose buildings are eligible
  • Existing rebates for benchmarking and energy audits now serve as the first step to accessing this funding


In early June, the City of Edmonton announced the addition of implementation funding to its catalogue of environmental programs aimed at making commercial and institutional buildings more energy efficient. The already existing Building Energy Benchmarking Program and the Energy Audit Rebate Program, which provide energy performance information about buildings, now serve as the first step on the way to a more efficient building.

The City’s Environmental programs are a great way to encourage sustainability. The addition of implementation rebates is the last piece that building owners and operators needed to make their buildings greener. The Building Energy Retrofit Accelerator Program provides rebates on the implementation of LED lighting projects, controls upgrades, hot water heaters, HVAC retrofits and building envelope upgrades.

Before implementation rebates can be accessed, buildings must be benchmarked under the Building Energy Benchmarking Program, which sets a baseline for a building’s energy use. Once benchmarked, the building owner can move to implementation or receive a 50% rebate on an energy audit first. An ASHRAE level 2 energy audit takes a deeper look at how a building uses, wastes and creates energy, then recommends the best measures to make the building greener. In some cases, jumping straight from benchmarking to implementation can be done, but in most cases, the price of the energy audit is more than paid back by the valuable money saving measures an audit recommends.

Regardless of the final goal, the first step is to apply to the Building Energy Benchmarking Program which can be done by either the building owner or a trusted contractor. The Vital Group of Companies (VGOC) has been a trusted partner with many organizations and non-profits and helped them access more than a $1M in funding across many programs. VGOC can manage the benchmarking application process for buildings that qualify. Our energy expertise can also generate valuable insights and help you identify low hanging fruits through the benchmarking process. After benchmarking, there is no obligation to move to any audit or implementation, but we will continue to help you through that process if you choose. Our energy experts will ensure engagement through the process and provide a debrief session and summary report at each milestone. Contact us to find out how we can help you take advantage of these great programs!

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